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Your child, the family and community that surrounds them, will always be our first priority. When GRAYDI shows up to work, we don’t show up to a job, we show up to continue the mission as a team. When i ask myself “how dedicated are we?” I remember that GRAYDI is on the mission, on and off the premises of the center. We love what we do, we enjoy every minute of it and that’s why we guarantee that you too will love who we are.  Professionalism, dedication and teamwork, is at the core of our values. We train, we educate, we demonstrate and we grow everyday, so we can help our community grow with us. 

Executive Director M.S


We Take pride in what we do

Our Professionals

Adrien riley

Operations Manager

Meghan Cottrell

Program Manager

Heather Cameron

Family Support Specialist

Dee Hoak

Administrative Coordinator


Cathy Roof

Administrative Coordinator /

Family Support Specialist – PT

Charles Holland

Driver / Front Desk Attendant

Roberto Pantoja

Youth Specialist

Evan Fergenbaum

Youth Worker

Molly Stiglitz


Rylie Sykes

Youth Worker

Terahja Revels

Junior Youth Worker

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